• Humanism: The Human Being is the inalienable central value of all our actions. Respect for the human person is paramount. The protection of the child, his well-being and his family are our priority.
  • Neutrality: Save the people is apolitical and non-confessional, our action is impartial and help is determined by needs alone. It is provided fairly and without discrimination.
  • Independence: In accordance with the laws, Save the people takes care to free itself from all power, influence and interference in its actions.
  • Sustainability: Preserve the value of its resources.
  • Democracy and Participation: Democratic values are at the heart of Save the People processes. Everyone can express themselves freely and equally.
  • Autonomy and Accountability: Save the people’s actions aim at empowering and empowering all stakeholders, valuing the skills and resources of everyone.
  • Sustainable Development: Save the people favors a socio-economic system that respects the Human Being and Nature, for present and future generations.
  • Transparency and redivability: Save the people is committed to providing comprehensive, clear and consistent information on all of its activities and manages its resources in a transparent manner and makes its accounts reports official.
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