The Protection of The Child

Save the people conducts interventions to improve access to child protection systems for children including appropriate care and improve access to child protection and care systems for children affected by conflict.

We organize the activities of the fight against the exploitation of the children, the protection of the migrant children, the support to the registration of births and organization of supplementary judgments as well as the protection of the children in the humanitarian crisis through the setting up Community Protection Spaces (EAE), transitional reception structures such as the FAT and psychosocial assistance for children, their families and their communities, social and community reintegration.

In the first place, SAPI is committed to protecting and defending the rights of children, especially child victims of abuse and those affected by armed conflict by providing first aid and protection assistance.

We improve the health and protection of children and mothers, thanks to new technologies, especially young people are protected against violence and supported when they come into contact with the law.

We organize actions that protect children against violence, including training for professionals and local protection networks. We identify child victims of violence and provide them with protective accompaniment, in collaboration with local authorities, community protection mechanisms and communities. In parallel, we help poor families to produce food and support them financially to improve their living conditions.

We are developing alternative measures to prison so that the fundamental rights of young people in conflict with the law are respected. They are encouraged to take vocational training or re-enter school. We also strengthen the skills of justice professionals on the specificities of juvenile justice and facilitate the link with the protection system for children in difficult circumstances.

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