The health of the mother and the child (fight against maternal and infant mortality)

Through our health goals, we aim to improve the health status of mothers and children under five with a focus on community health and nutrition. In addition Save the people works on the issue of hygiene and sanitation in community.

Save the people International’s health program aims to sustainably reduce child mortality and morbidity, provide access to health, water and sanitation for the poorest mothers and children, to be protected children affected by conflict and disaster, to develop child protection systems and to promote good practice in juvenile justice. It contributes to the promotion of sustainable development and the reduction of poverty in the field of children, in fragile contexts.

In contexts of emergencies and humanitarian crises, Save the people also conducts advocacy activities to influence policy makers for change in the best interests of the child. Our specialists coordinate with governments, funders, agencies and international organizations to increase the quality of child protection and maximize its impact.

In Switzerland and abroad, our media or communication campaigns make the general public aware of the reality on the ground and the rights of children.

In promoting hygiene in schools and health centers, better knowledge of sanitation and hygiene saves lives. Our teams in collaboration with local communities and civil society provide recommendations for proper hand washing at key times, household water treatment and storage, food hygiene and safe disposal of faeces. These messages are adapted to the practices of each community. We also train staff from more health and district health centers to safe hygiene practices and we collaborate with health authorities to ensure minimum standards for sanitary facilities and health. treatment of medical waste.

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